M è A H U A S C A

Read Mè

A list of some material to download and/or read at your own leisure. The first three books listed are personal current favourites. All the material points more or less to the same thing, but obviously just from (slightly) different perspectives. Perhaps the easiest one to read, "and get" is Awareness by Anthony De Mello, although it can be quite a challenging read for a few.

We prefer not to do much in the way of reviews of the material listed, as we do not wish to be prescriptive, and would much rather you chose what you want to read, and interpret it for yourself, as our opinions only really matter to us, and not to you.
Aldous Huxley
Mèa Huasca
Chapter: Meeting Me
Anthony De Mello
Jane Roberts
Lars Faber
Lars Faber
Michael Newton
Rick Strassman